U.S. Space & Rocket Center

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The entries will be judged for creativity, originality, appropriateness of theme, and clarity of expression. The contest winner get a three-day, two-night a vacation to Disney World and a VIP tour of the Kennedy Space Center in cape canaveral. She will have the ability to bring a dad or mom and two other vacationers.

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The U.S. captured one hundred of the German weapons in 1945, giving an initial boost to America's space program. The U.S. tried out the German missiles, initially launching them from ships and over White Sands Proving Ground in Boise state broncos. Scientists in New Mexico achieved accurate documentation breaking height of 250 miles in 1949. That same year, the Soviet's exploded their first atomic device, causing the U.S. to accelerate R & D programs, much like the development for this Joint Long Range Proving Ground, headquarted at falcon 9 rocket.

"Just much more than a year once the retirement on the space shuttle, we have returned space station cargo resupply missions to U.S. soil," said NASA Administrator Charles Bolden Jr ..

The fun thing was just as we left the area, a bald eagle flew above your head. So, I also had been little very little pride that the country would make it into space. Overall, I endorse the experience, but sadly this was the last launch for 2009. Discover more about the Atlantis aim. Read more about Space Shuttle escapades. Read more about possible NASA plan changes within executive summary as a result of the 2009 Augustine Commission Final Experience.

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