Was The Car Illegally Transported?

Attention: There are thousands upon thousands of tweets on Twitter, texts on cell phones, and e-mails throughout the Internet that post an Amber Alert about a missing 3-year-old girl in (choose the state you reside in), abducted by a man in a silver truck with License #72b381. Why choose the state you live in? Because these Amber Alerts are fake, phony, bogus, a hoax meant only to get the receiver to send the message onward, promoting the hoax. The Amber Alert invariably has your state's name in it (or at least a close, neighboring state) and supposed pertinent information (man, silver truck, license plate #72b381) so as to hook you into its urgency. And a child is missing...

Thus far the Boulder County Sheriff has evacuated homes within a one mile radius of the fire and 11,000 residents have been asked to evacuate via reverse 911 calls. News helicopter footage showed the fire jumping highway 36 as it moved east causing the highway to be closed between Broadway Street at the city of Boulder's north edge and Hygiene Road, 2 miles south of Lyons.

On that same day in Houston, Texas, Lawrence Russell Brewer was executed for the hate crime slaying of James Byrd, Jr.. No protests or media fanfare to be found in the Lone Star state. Brewer's execution wasn't as politicallly correct to warrant a visit by Rev. Al Sharpton. James Byrd, Jr. was guilty and met his Maker face to face courtesy of the State of Texas. Justice cops served!

The Mahindra being driven from Nairobi cruised in less than fifty minutes to Machakos. The 61 km were nothing really to Kioko. Kioko the driver, was a retired Safari Rally driver. Although he had received training as a cop communications, he rarely participated much and only came in when absolutely necessary.

There is no doubt that these working dogs are incredible. However, sometimes Internet stories surface that are just not true. One particular story is about Brutus the canine that received the Congressional Metal of Honor.

The first structure on top was a log fire tower built in 1911. It was replaced in 1918 with a 35 ft. Aeromotor LS-40 steel tower. Manned until 1988 but now closed to the public by a tall chain linked fence. It has a 39' solar powered emergency-repeating tower for NYS police radios.

Every time I have called 911 I have been told there were emergencies a head of mine. I can understand that, but I would like to know what emergencies get handled in what order. I would also like to know where all my money is going for not wearing my own seat belt. That does not endanger anyone but myself. So I know that money does not cover getting more police officers. It does not cover apparently cover enough to make sure that is someone is being stabbed with a broken glass bottle.

Take pictures of the damaged items and the areas where missing items were stored. It is also a good idea to take a broader picture of the car sitting where it was vandalized.

Now I would like to inform you my favorite trick with regard to really staying away from a speeding ticket gracefully. Tell the official "I have been having diarrhea and I was in a rush to get home, prior to. then allow your voice trail off and try to look really ashamed. If you can make a very smelly one in your pants at that moment that will get you bonus points and you are very likely to police earpiece get away without a warning. Come to think of it, you may want to maintain some foul odor bomb powder inside your car simply for the actual event of being pulled over.

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